We are a youth-led social enterprise.

We are on a mission to empower young people and communities to improve their lives while understanding and reducing serious youth violence and the systemic conditions that cause it.

We believe violence must be countered with compassion.

We create authentic and creative interventions which equip young people and the communities they represent, with the skills and tools needed to effectively navigate the environments they live in.

We help young people and local communities respond to violence.

We carry out campaigning & advocacy work to improve responses to violence.

We provide a platform for authentic voices to be heard.


We respond to latest figures about a rise in gun crime in Barnet.

“We are not surprised by the statistics, the reality is violence and the threat of violence is commonplace for many young people and communities. Locally and nationally, we have not invested in tackling the root causes of violence.”

Founding Director Temi Mwale is named to Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe List.

“Everything I do is in the memory of Marvin, but many more young lives have been lost since he was killed. I do believe we can end serious youth violence by addressing its root causes, such as trauma. I want to show young people anything is possible, don’t let where you come from determine where you are going.”


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