Our Mission

To empower young people and communities to improve their lives while understanding and reducing serious youth violence and the systemic conditions that cause it.

Our Aims

  • To reduce serious youth violence
  • To raise awareness of the causes and possible solutions to serious youth violence
  • To provide a platform for authentic voices to be heard
  • To empower people to take control of their lives and positively impact their communities

Our Principles

  • Respond to violence with compassion not aggression
  • Understand violence in context not in a vacuum
  • Empower people to respond to violence
  • Solutions to violence must be co-produced
  • Youth and communities must be at the forefront of solutions

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Our History

Growing up on the Grahame Park Estate, North West London, Temi Mwale was surrounded from a young age by violence in a variety of forms. In 2012, following the murder of her childhood friend Marvin in 2010, Temi founded Get Outta The Gang at 16-years-old. The group campaigned for increased provisions to address serious youth violence and for young people, since they were closest and most effected by the issue, to play a leading role in creating the solutions. The group evolved into a formal organisation offering services and implementing impactful programmes. In 2016, the organisation rebranded to The 4Front Project, symbolising a commitment to putting young people at the forefront.

Get Involved

The 4Front Project is a youth-led organisation.

There are a range of leadership opportunities available for young people to impact their own communities and directly create change at a local, regional and national level.

Contact Us

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