Our Work – The 4Front Project

We deliver a range of interventions including programmes, workshops, social action campaigns and one-to-one mentoring.


can you buy diflucan otc We engage in youth-led campaigning and advocacy work. We campaign for violence to be treated as a public health issue. We campaign for young people to be at the forefront of solutions to the issues that affect us. We challenge common misconceptions and stereotypes. We raise awareness about the root causes of violence. We advocate for the root causes of violence to be addressed. We deliver a range of mobilisation services for communities and families affected by violence.


http://thd-industries.com/category/dc-load/ We provide one-to-one support for young people affected by violence, substance misuse, homelessness and educational exclusion. The 4Front Project also believes in the importance of offering peer mentoring support to assist young people with complications they experience as a result of the systemic conditions they are exposed to and offer guidance in times of crisis. We support them in the community, through the criminal justice system and liaise with other services to increase the support available to them.


http://islam101.ca/duaa-the-merits-and-practice-of-supplication/ Our work empowers and inspires young people affected by violence. We focus on conflict management, rational decision-making, societal influence and empathy, aiming to provide young people with the skills and knowledge they need navigate complex situations. We will build confidence and resilience to enable young people to pursue their aspirations and maintain focus.

We develop bespoke intervention programmes and workshops which can be delivered in community, educational and criminal justice settings. We work with you to understand your specific needs and develop a package of tailored support which can include a series of workshops and one-to-one support for your young people as well as advice for practitioners in response to specific incidents.


Through our LegalEase programme and workshops we have been making the law more accessible to young people. We reduce alienation by allowing young people to analyse the social issues that affect them through a legal lens and utilising peer legal education as a mechanism for catalysing change. The workshop facilitators have completed or are completing law degrees and come from similar backgrounds to the participants. They are not only able to relate the content directly to participants using real life examples that will resonate with them, but they also act as excellent role models to raise the aspirations of participants. The programme is focused on teaching rights and responsibilities, with a focus on consequences and criminal liability. A range of topics are covered, including (but not limited to): Fatal Offences, Non-Fatal Offences, Joint Enterprise & Group Offending, Weapon Offences (Including Knife Crimes & Firearm Offences), Drug Offences & Stop & Search. Workshops consist of a legal class, creative activities and an opportunity to discuss local issues related to the topics. The legal class involves teaching how the law addresses a particular issue, focussing on key cases and sentencing. Young people are encouraged to share their opinions on how the law currently works and how the law and/or sentencing could be improved. The creative activities involve young people planning and filming short documentaries and informative films based on the law they have learnt and their opinions of it.


We hold weekly sessions with young people affected by violence in Barnet. The space enables them to discuss recent incidents, analyse how violence is affecting them and discuss solutions to violence. The beneficiaries are engaged in social action training, learning how to use media to campaign and advocate for change and create a cultural shift to influence the behaviour of their peers. We guide and assist the young people in writing their own scripts, acting, filming and editing short films of which they are able to screen at our 4FRONT showcases. The group creates strong peer networks which have been used to mediate conflict. 


 “Healing Violence – a search for global solutions to the international youth violence epidemic’ is a project that seeks to stimulate conversations and connect the violence reduction community internationally.

The project has involved individuals and communities affected by violence and organisations addressing violence in cities across the world. Through film, photography and music, the project will showcase the resilience of communities affected by violence.

The project has visited the following cities:

Los Angeles, California, USA.

Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

New York City, New York, USA.

Chicago,  Illinois, USA. In the upcoming months, the project will visit: 

Manchester, England, UK.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

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